How to Order Prints

1. You must use order forms to buy prints or specialty items. Use the pose number on the forms. The pose number is under the proof when you enlarge it.

2. One side of the order forms has all my products listed. You can just order what you want. The other form has packages, the last two allow you to order two poses. You can order a package and add some separate sized prints from the other form, so you can use both forms to order exactly what you want.

3. Click on each link (listed on the Home page, on the left side) to learn about ordering properly. It will not take long to look at each link, they are brief.

4. On the form with listed products, if you are ordering several poses in one size, write the pose numbers with commas separating them on the line.

5. Call or email me with questions, any time.

6. You must send your filled out forms and check (or money order, no credit cards accepted) to my address which is printed on the top of the form.

7. Don't forget to add in your purchases and apply Tax and Shipping and Handling!